Time (Conversation between 2 people)

October 15, 2016
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What time is it? (Conversation between 2 people)


Conversation about time between 2 people

A conversation between Jane and David talking about time as Jane thinks they are going to be late for a party they are attending.

Jane   : What time is it? We are going to be late for the party!

David : It’s a quarter past six. We are on time. Don’t worry we will be fine.

Jane : But I thought we had to be at Sarah’s house by 6:30 for her surprise birthday party. I think never make it as there is a lot of rush hour traffic this evening.

David : Sure we will.  We are not far away now. Anyway, the party starts at 7:00. But I do need help with where to park the car so Sarah does’t know it, can you phone her husband and ask him where the best place to park our car is?

Jane : OK. I will phone him now.


Helpful notes on the conversation on time


It’s a quarter past six. This is the most common way to say the time in British English. It means 6-15 or 15 minutes past 6.

In American English you would say it is quarter after six.


What is rush hour?


Rush hour is usually in the morning and evening When people are traveling to and from work by car, motorbike, bicycle, tube and by foot ext.

In this conversation Sarah is a little stressed out about being on time for the party. If someone is stressed you can say any of the following:

– Don’t worry.

– Do not get stressed.

– We are fine.

– We will be on time.


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