Simple Past

April 25, 2017
Simple Past, Tenses

Simple Past TenseFungsi

*Untuk menyatakan suatu aktivitas atau kegiatan yang dilakukan pada waktu lampau dengan keterangan waktu yang jelas.


(+) S + V2 + O + Ket.Waktu

(- ) S + Did + not +V1 + O +Ket.Waktu

(?)Did + S + not + V1 + O + Ket.Waktu ?

Contoh :

(+) They walked to school yesterday.

(- ) They did not walk to school yesterday.

(?) Did they walk to school yesterday ?

Keterangan Waktu

*yesterday          : kemarin

*last year             : tahun yang lalu

*last…                    : ……. Yang lau

*two days ago    : dua hari yang lalu

*… ago                   : …… yang lalu


*Untuk kalimat negative dan interrogative semua subyek menggunakan “did + V1”

Reading 6

Reading 2

Last week, Beth baked a cake for Lilly’s birthday party. Lilly wanted a strawberry cake with pink frosting. Beth was happy to bake the cake.


First, Beth mixed the ingredients in a big bowl. Next, she poured the cake batter into four round baking pans. She put the pans in the oven. Finally, she baked the cakes for 20 minutes.


Then, Beth prepared the pink frosting. After the cakes cooled, Beth stacked them and covered them with frosting. Beth wrote Lilly’s name on top with white frosting. She put seven candles in the cake.


On Sunday, Beth surprised Lilly with the strawberry cake. Lilly loved her cake! Lilly had many gifts for her birthday. But Lilly said her cake was the best gift of them all!


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