Present Perfect


-Untuk menyatakan aktivitas atau kegiatan yang telah dilakukan pada waktu lampau (tanpa keterangan waktu yang jelas) dan biasanya akibatnya dapat dirasakan sampai sekarang.


(+) S + have/has + V3 + O

(- ) S + have/has + not + V3 + O

(?)have/has + S + V3 + O ?

Contoh :

(+) My little sister has lost her key again

(- ) My little sister has not lost her key again

(?) has My little sister lost her key again ?


They                                                                                                      Thole

We                         HAVE                                                                     She                        HAS

I                                                                                                               He

You                                                                                                        It



                                                                  It is difficult to say goodbye

People often travel to other places to study or to work. Ralph is going to get on the train and travel to a new job. He’s saying goodbye to his girl friend Stella and her brother Tom. The three friends have know each other for many years. They have been neighbours since they were children. Ralph has lived next door to Stella and Tom for fifteen years. They’ve gone to school together, and they’ve visited each other almost everyday.

Stela and Ralph have been an important part of each other’s lives, so it’s difficult to say good-bye . They’ve studied journalism together, and they’ve worked as reporters for a small town news paper. Now Ralph has a job working for a big city newspaper 500 kilometers away. Ralph and Stella will miss each other very much, but Ralph will come home again on his vacations.

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