Present Continuous / Present Progressive

April 26, 2017
Present Continuous, Tenses


-Untuk menyatakan aktivitas atau kegiatan yang sedang dilakukan pada saat berbicara (sekarang).


(+) S + to be (is,am,are) + + O + Ket.Waktu

(- ) S + to be (is,am,are) + Not + + O +Ket.Waktu

(?)To be (is,am,are) + S + + O + Ket.Waktu ?

Contoh :

(+) He is talking to his friend right now.

(- ) He is not talking to his friend right now.

(?) is he talking to his friend right now ?

Keterangan Waktu

-now                     : sekarang                        -Right now                            : sekarang ini

-Still                     : masih                              -Look                                     : lihat

-At present         : sekarang ini                   -At this moment                  : pada saat ini


I          AM                         Thole

She                        IS



We     Are                         It



Reading 4

Right now, it is Monday morning. Mike and Tina are at home. They are sitting at a table. They are eating breakfast.


At this moment, Tina is drinking coffee. She is eating a pastry. She is sitting across the table from Mike. She is talking to Mike.


Mike is Tina’s husband. He is sitting at the table with Tina. He is also drinking coffee. Mike is listening to Tina.


After breakfast, Mike and Tina are leaving for work. They work in the city. They are going to work by bus.



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