Past Perfect Tense


(+) S + had + past participle (V-3

(-) S + had + not + past participle (V-3)

(?) Had + S + past participle (V-3)?


Contoh :

(+) My brother had slept He  had come

(- ) My brother hadn’t slept He hadn’t come

(?) Had my brother slept? Had he come?




I had never seen such beautiful sights before I visited Paris in 2012. I had saved money for 5 years before I booked my trip to Paris. I was very excited! Before my trip to Paris, I had never been out of the United States.


When I went to Paris, I spent many days touring the city. The city was big. Sometimes I got lost and asked for directions. I asked for directions in French. That was easy because I had studied French for 2 years before I visited Paris.


By the time I left Paris, I had toured many beautiful places. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Luxembourg Gardens were just a few of the places I saw. Before I visited Paris, I had only seen those places on television.


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