Past Perfect Continuous


Past Perfect Continuous Tense dalam pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Grammar digunakan untuk menyatakan hal atau peristiwa yang sesuatu yang TELAH dan SEDANG terjadi dimasa LAMPAU


(+) S + had + been + Ving

(- ) S + had + not + been + Ving

(?) Had + S + been + Ving

Contoh :

+ They had been playing football.
+ She had been singing
+ Joh and Merry had been loving each other.

-They had not been playing football.
-She had not been singing
-Joh and Merry had not been loving each other.

? Had They been playing football?.
? Had She been singing?
? Had Joh and Merry been loving each other?

Reading 10

Billy and the other scouts had been hiking on the mountain all morning when they realized they were lost. They looked each direction. They did not see the camp. They did not see the river.


The scouts were tired because they had been hiking for four hours. They were worried because they were lost. They sat down under a tree.


But Billy was not worried. Billy had been hiking these mountains with his dad his whole life. Billy’s dad had been teaching him how to use a compass for three years. Billy climbed a tree and saw the river. He knew the camp was north of the river. Billy looked at his compass. He guided the scouts back to the camp.

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