Past Continuous / Past Progressive

April 26, 2017
Past Continuous, Tenses


-Untuk menyatakan suatu aktivitas atau kegiatan yang sedang dilakukan pada waktu lampau.

-Untuk menyatakan 2 aktifitas yang terjadi pada waktu lampau.



(+) S + was/were + + O + Ket.Waktu

(- ) S + was/were + not + + O + Ket.Waktu

(?)was/were + S + + O + Ket.Waktu ?

Contoh :

(+) Mr.Benny was drinking a cup of coffe at 9 o’clock last night.

(- ) Mr.Benny was not drinking a cup of coffe at 9 o’clock last night..

(?)was Mr.Benny drinking a cup of coffe at 9 o’clock last night ?

Contoh :

  • Miss Leha was walking down the street when it began to rai last Sunday morning
  • When it began to rain last Sunday morning, Miss Leha was walking down the street.
  • You phoned Uci while she was cooking rice at 7 this morning.
  • While Uci was cooking rice at 7 this morning, you phoned her.
  1. Keterangan Waktu

-when (S.Past)                                  : kemarin

-while (past Cont)                            : tahun yang lalu

-at…o’clock two days ago             : ……. Yang lau

-all morning yesterday                   : sepanjang pagi hari


They                                                              Thole

We                              WERE                    She

You                                                                He                                     WAS



Reading 5

Yesterday, it was raining and thundering all day. Ann was playing inside the house. She wanted to be outside. She wasn’t playing outside because it was raining. She was feeling tired of being trapped inside the house.


Ann was trying to keep busy inside the house. She was reading her book until the electricity went out. Then, she decided to practice her sewing. She was practicing sewing until lunchtime. After lunch, she sat by the window and watched the rain.


While Ann was watching the rain, the phone rang. Her mother was calling to say she was coming home. She was bringing a new game. Ann and her mother ate ice cream and played the game.


While they were playing, the rain stopped! But Ann didn’t even notice. She was having such a good time with her mom!


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