April 26, 2017
Future, Tenses


-Untuk menyatakan aktivitas atau kegiatan yang akan dilakukan pada masa yang akan datang (suatu rencana).


(+) S + Will/Shall + V1 +O + Ket.Waktu

(- ) S + Will/Shall +not +V1 + O +Ket.Waktu

(?)Will/Shall + S + V1 + O + Ket.Waktu ?

Contoh :

(+) Mr.Brown will finish his work tomorrow.

(- ) Mr.Brown will not finish his work tomorrow.

(?) Will Mr.Brown finish his work tomorrow ?

-Untuk menyatakan kegiatan (di masa yang akan dating ) yang lebih pasti menggunakan “Be going to”.

Contoh :

A : Why did you buy this paint ?

B: I’m going to paint my bedroom tomorrot.

Keterangan Waktu

-tomorrow          : besok

-next week         : minggu depan

-next…                  : ……. depan

-two years later                : dua tahun yang akan datang

-… later                 : …… yang akan datang


  • Untuk semua subyek boleh menggunakan “will/shall”,tetapi Shall sering digunakan untuk subyek I dan

Reading 3

Agus Riyadi is an American astronaut. Today, he will travel into outer space. At noon, his space shuttle is going to launch into space. Riyadi and the other astronauts are going to travel to the International Space Station. They will stay in space for almost 6 months.


The crew is going to continue research at the space station. They will do some experiments. They will record their data. They are also going to make some repairs on the space station.


Riyadi will learn a lot in space. He is going to make videos of his time on the space station. His family will watch the videos on the internet. They will see what Riyadi is doing in space.



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